BIOHAZARD - neues Album 2010


Bobby Hambel, Gitarrist von BIOHAZARD, sagte in einem Interview, das ein neues BIOHAZARD Album 2010 erscheinen wird. Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem Interview:

"The 20th anniversary of BIOHAZARD came up last year, and we decided to get the original band back together and just go out and play some shows — be the old band that we were and go play for the audience that we miss and play the old songs and feel alive again and celebrate 20 years of great BIOHAZARD. We went all over the world with it. There's no record out — there's no record company or anything; it's just us, four friends, playing. BIOHAZARD's the same old band that it was; it's like nothing's changed [even though] 10 years, 12 years, have gone by. We wanna do a new record. So we're gonna take this experience and just be completely inspired by the crowds that we have been playing to for the last year and a half. It's such a great opportunity to have a second chance, so we're gonna do a new record, man. So 2010 should see a brand new original BIOHAZARD album. . . We're working on music. We're trying to get the live playing out of the way. This is, like, the last leg of the tour. We're doing this here in July and then we have one more show in August — we fly back to Europe to play a big festival in Prague — and then we go home. The only thing we're scheduling right now is to be in the studio and be recording throughout September, October and November, putting together a new record."