BIOHAZARD – enthüllen „Reborn In Defiance“ Cover-Artwork


BIOHAZARD haben das Cover-Artwork ihres neuen Albums „Reborn In Defiance“ enthüllt. „Reborn In Defiance“ soll am 20. Januar 2012 über Nuclear Blast erscheinen.

Danny Schuler dazu: "Being a huge fan of vinyl records and the amazing sleeve artwork that used to come with them, I really wanted our artwork to be unique. In the spirit of being REBORN IN DEFIANCE, the album cover represents to me an interesting paradox: an embryo, not yet spoiled by the world, but already possessing the heart of a rebel."

Billy Graziadei erklärt: "The innocence of youth has always been a strong subject for us, with the children playing over a crime scene on the Urban Discipline album cover to the child running with a biological gas mask on the State of the World Address cover. For REBORN IN DEFIANCE, an unborn child waits to be thrown into a world that will steal the untainted purity of infancy we all start out with."

Danny fasst die Bedeutung des Covers ganz einfach zusammen: "It all begins in the womb".

Alte Kommentare

von Hmm... 21.11.2011 13:22

ist das bei den Dreharbeiten zu Evans neuestem Film entstanden?

von was 21.11.2011 17:47

ein beschissenes cover. wahrscheinlich mit paint gemacht. sieht jedenfalls so aus.