BLACKLISTED - Weitere Details zur Auflösung


Nun hat sich auch noch Sänger George Hirsch zur Auflösung seiner Band geäußert:

"Who knows, I do however know that it has been fun, we have met a ton of people and friends that will probably last us the rest of our lives. There has been alot of talk about us being such a hard working band, but I dont really understand it, we were just having fun and trying to put off real life for a little while, there was no place we were trying to reach, Well maybe we were trying to play more shows and more places then Black Flag, But we failed so I dont want to touch on our negative points. Just being able to hang out with Tim, Shawn, Zach, Pepito, Chris Ross, Bean and countless fill ins around the world, was good for me, and im sure most of them will say the same thing...

Me, Shawn, Bean And Chris have a new band (Re-Ignition) and have already begun to hang out and write songs, I´m not hanging up my longsleeve anytime soon. We will be on the road soon (we really do not know how to do anything else)."