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Hier das Update der Band:

"Dear friends,
we have had an eventful 5 or so days, driving to pittsburgh our trailer went and we were left with nothing to carry our gear, it looked like we were going home till our DW buds got us back into what we thought was touring shape, we played 2 good shows in pittsburgh and evansville, then on our way to oklahoma our alternator went, we got that fixed and thought we would be able to make it to
denver for sunday. Fate kicked in and 2 hours after getting a new alternator and battery, they both went again. We got towed to a scene from the hills have eyes 3, which was a hotel/gas station/cafe/garage. When letting our van off the tow lift, it was still in neutral and it came crashing more then freely off the back. The upside is when dave sausage tried to stop the van he wasn't crushed, why he tried to stop a runaway van ill never know, luckily a trucker was parked near by and his truck embraced our vans impact. I guess after 262000 miles and 2+ years of touring our van is on its last whatever. We will be missing the utah show, however we our on our way to join back up with this is hell and friends in orangevale california on 6/27...we are not cancelling the know, PMA, OVERPOWER, OVERCOME, far beyond driven all that good stuff. Take care and see you soon.