BLACK FRIDAY 29 schreiben neues Material


Folgende Neuigkeiten hat die Band zu verlauten:

"We´re still busy as fuck!

Currently we are writing the 4 last songs of our upcoming longplayer. 7 songs are finished until now. Expect this record to come out in February/March 2007. If you wanna know what our new stuff sounds like, come out to the few shows we play before recording and listen to the 2 new tunes we gonna play.

Second positive message: Our split 7" with our brothers from Death before Dishonor is finally out. We´re very proud and happy about that. We got 3 songs off "The Escape" on the split 7", while Death before Dishonor recorded 3 new ones of which two appear on this 7". It is gonna be a one off pressing, so make sure to buy your copies quickly from everyones favorite label Bridge 9 Records from Boston, USA."