BLEEDING THROUGH versus Trustkill


Bei BLEEDING THROUGH scheint sich eine Menge Ärger über ihr Label Trustkill Records aufgestaut zu haben. Die Band schrieb u. a. in einem Blog zum Re-Release ihres Albums "The Truth":

"It has been months and we have kept silent. But this latest slap in the face from our supposed record label has pushed us over the edge. We just read on the Internet that Josh Grabelle [Trustkill head honcho] plans to release a 'special edition' of our 2006 album 'The Truth' one month before releasing our new album.

"Let it be known that BLEEDING THROUGH is 100% against this so-called 'special' edition. We did not approve the title, cover artwork (whatever it is), track listing or bonus features for this transparent and obvious cash-grab of a re-release from a record label that despite selling a quarter of a million of our albums worldwide is having problems.

"Over a year ago we suggested the idea of a re-release of the album to Trustkill — on our terms, of course, with our artistic vision — and he said he’d consider it if we could land a 'big' tour. We confirmed a tour with MARILYN MANSON and SLAYER, followed by a tour with HIM, and he said 'NO' to us. He thought we should put out a new album instead.

"Now we have a new album finished that we are very proud of and he wants to squeeze our fans and our band by throwing out an unapproved 'special' edition in a fast and overt attempt to pay some bills."

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von PASCAL 07.06.2008 17:58

lol typisch trustkill