BLEED SOMEONE DRY - neue Platte im September


Die italienischen Math-Deathcoreler von BLEED SOMEONE DRY haben für ihr neues Album bei Fire Was Born Records unterschrieben. dort erscheint “Post Mortem | Veritas" am 15. September. Aufgenommen, produziert und gemischt wurde das Werk von Chris Donaldson (The Agonist, Cryptopsy, Beneath The Massacre) im MathLab Recording Studio. Erste Eindrücke sollen in Kürze folgen.

Die Band sagt zum Release:

“The new album is a modern, dark and painful story of the reality and the social schemes we live in, seen through the smart and precise eyes of a child. We tried to analyze our every-day life from the point of view of Aelia, a child who asks herself candid questions about how and why people behave the way they do and things happen the way they do. Through the 12 songs in the album we tried to answer her questions and explain themes and concepts that drive human events and actions. We are honored of having been able to work side-by-side with great artists. Christian Donaldson, who helped us a lot with his experience, other than his great professionality. Luca T. Mai from Zu, Mombu who honored us with his guest appearance and CJ from Thy Art Is Murder, a great and kind guy, who gave us a dream of singing on one of our songs. We can't wait to present our new songs on stage and we would like to thank everyone of you who supports and helps us everyday”.

“Post Mortem || Veritas” Trackliste: 
01. Haeretica Infans
02. A Violent Awakening
03. Damnetur Misericordia
04. The Sacrifice
05. Let Me In
06. Devil in Me
07. Our Martyrdom feat. CJ of Thy Art Is Murder
08. Your Name, Their Plague
09. Doom And Gloom
10. Justice Has Become Utopia
11. Cycle Of Decay
12. Ora Pro Nobis feat. Luca T.Mai of Zu, Mombu