BLEED SOMEONE DRY - stellen neuen Videoclip vor


BLEED SOMEONE DRY stellen mit “Our Martyrdom” die erste Single aus ihrem Album “PostMortem | Veritas” vor, welches am 15. September via Fire Was Born Records erscheint. Im Video wirkt u.a. CJ  von THY ART IS MURDER mit, produziert wurde der Clip von Tommy Antonini (Edguy, Soulfly, Symphony X, Oklahoma Means Run).

BLEED SOMEONE DRY -Frontmann Allessio zur Single:

“Our first single ‘Our Martyrdom’ aims at analysing the figure of the human being, as a solitary individual, a being who alone cannot manage much and who may very definitely fail to address the multiplicity of events that every day any person has to face. The analysis focuses on the impossibility of any person in dealing alone with the everyday challenges (whatever they are...) and the need for each of us to try to bond with each other. This need to ‘come together in order to strengthen the force’ is the only tool that we have to put pressure on individuals and try to assert our rights against the ‘higher powers’, powers which in every way try to put tension and create disparity. The beginning of the refrain ‘take my hand and let's walk towards our last move...’ is a kind of desperate request or demand  to create such a ‘bonding’ and stand against todays injustice, at any price. ‘We feel the fear as animals in a slaughterhouse...’ is what we feel when we think we are in a position, able to deal with everything by ourselves to only fail miserably. The song is built on such focal points. In conclusion through the use of  these lyrics, our intention was to share the belief that a man alone does not have powers, will always be forced to live under certain conditions dictated by a ‘superior’ entity/being  and forced to bow to that entity and knowing to count little or nothing. On the contrary if there is the human will  to work together, to struggle together, and to fight through hard difficulties, they (humans) will be able to achieve any result or purpose”.