BLOOD YOUTH - neuer Song im Stream


Mit "Closure" stellen die Briten von BLOOD YOUTH einen neuen Song im Stream vor. Der Track wird auf der ebenso betitelten EP enthalten sein, die am 11. Maerz via Rude Records erscheint.

Chris Pritchard, Gitarrist der Band zur Entwicklung:

“Our debut was a lyrical meltdown. It expressed the issues Kaya (Kaya Tarsus - vocals) has had for the past six years in a way he hadn’t been able to show until the band started. With this new EP – Closure - it’s about what he once felt coming to an end. And for all of us this EP is literally closure for the personal anxiety we all felt while writing Inside My Head. The whole thing was a recovery process. Full circle.You can tell we’re pissed off, hungry and have something to say. At the same time, the music on Closure has progressed naturally, and I feel we’ve managed to write more mature and overall better songs. There’s a lot more behind our songs than people might feel on first listen. We came out swinging, and we plan to continue to do so.”