BLUR Reunion - aber wie? berichtet von einer BLUR Reunion in diesem Jahr.

Gemäß Drummer Dave Rowntree wird man erst einmal schauen, wie die Studiosessions laufen:

“We will spend one week recording and see what happens. We're dipping our toes in the water. We have not made any decision but we'll see how we feel and if the spark is there.”

Ob Ex-BLUR Gitarist Graham Coxon, der die Band 2002 verlassen hat, bleibt unklar.

Bassist Alex James hierzu: “I do sincerely hope (there's a full reunion) but there's no point in doing it unless all of us want to because that was what was so good about it." [...] "I'm hoping that it'll happen but there's nothing set in stone."

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von kane 11.06.2007 12:02

das kann ja was werden...