BORKNAGAR - Zum Labelwechsel / zum neuen Album


BORKNAGAR Mainman Øystein G. Brun äußerte sich in einem Interview zum Labelwechsel von Century Media zu Indie Recordings und zum neuen Album folgendermaßen:

Brun: Different reasons for the change of the label. We have worked with Century Media since 1996 and mostly the years have been good for both parties. But after 12 years, we became kind of bored and just had to climb another mountain so to speak. Century Media was never a bad option but in the end of the day, Indie Recordings just came up with an overall deal/cooperation that we could not resist. They have been friends and fans of the band for many years and their credibility in the Norwegian music industry is very solid. Indie Recordings are a relatively new label, but I am sure they will grow to become an important enterprise very soon. Interesting to be a part of something that is new and fresh.

Brun: The next album will be ear-candy for our long-run fans, I hope. Of course, there will be an element of evolution but this time around we'll head towards our musical roots. Hard to describe how it will sound in the end of the day but it will be 100% BORKNAGAR all the way. And this time we'll be back on the metal-vagon!