BORN FROM PAIN - Album Details


Die Hardcore Helden BORN FROM PAIN sind mit ihrem neuen Album "War" zurück. Das Album wird am 20.11.2006 in den Läden erscheinen. Hier ein Statement der Band zum Album:

"We are really happy with how "WAR" came out. We feel this is a cd that
is totally BORN FROM PAIN in it's groove, aggression and heaviness, but
nonetheless has some different elements in it that show we don't sit
still either as musicians. A development without losing sight of what we
once set out to do musically. This is definitely an honest effort at
making the best cd possible, not giving in to the current trends in
heavy music. Also, we tried to push a more socio-critical message on
"WAR". We feel that everyone should try and remain critical, especially
in the World as it is nowadays. We tried to encompass the feelings of
discomfort, negativity, frustration and anger that most people feel with
this world and their personal lives. We feel people fight a war on many
levels nowadays..."

Tracklist 'WAR':
01. Relentless
02. Behind Enemy Lines
03. Stop At Nothing
04. Bury Me Fighting
05. Crusader(feat. additional vox by Jan Chris / GOREFEST)
06. Grey Life
07. The War Is On
08. Scorched Earth Black(feat. solo by Pepe / HATESPHERE)
09. Eyes Of The World
10. Doomsday Clock(feat. additional vox by Lou / SICK OF IT ALL)
11. Iron Will