BORN FROM PAIN melden sich von der Straße


Folgendes hat die Band auf ihrer Tour durch Osteuropa mitzuteilen:

"Hey, what's up everybody? We are half a week into our tour and we already played a great couple of shows. Bulgaria showed us a lot of love. The shows in Varna (most eastern show we ever played) and especially Sofia just killed it! We did Bukarest, Romania last night. Absolutely killer again. People out here appreciate everything that comes their way and are not as jaded as people sometimes are in Western Europe . Anyway, complete madness at the Fire Club. Also here thanks everyone for making it this great! Thanks so much to Alex as well for managing those Bulgarian and Romanian shows. Also visited Bran Castle today. That's the castle the infamous Vlad Dracul used to reign from. His legend is huge, his castle is boring... Oh well... Grabbed the souvenirs and started driving to reach Budapest . We're done with 6 hours, another 4 to go... I love these roads...."