BOYS NIGHT OUT - Line-Up Veränderungen


BOYS NIGHT OUT haben folgende Nachricht auf ihre Myspace Seite hinterlassen und räumen damit einige Gerüchte aus der Welt:

"So, heres the skinny, you downtrodden little butterballs, you. Theres been no shortage of rumors flying about in regards to our little outfit here. For a while we had opted to just let said speculation just a-fester and grow, but heres the straight dope in regards to whats going on.

First, the member situation: Both Brian Southall and Kara Dupuy are no longer in the band. Kara is getting married very soon. If you see her on the street, you should stop her and ask to look at her ring. Brian simply got fed up with Connors constant attempts to bed him and got out before Connor could succeed. Brians currently on the road with The Receiving End Of Sirens. If youre at one of the shows, be sure to stop him and ask to look at his ring. To fill the void left in their respective wakes, Andy Lewis (formerly the drummer of The Fullblast) has officially come aboard to play guitar with usANNNNDweve been jamming with our friend and old drummer Ben Arseneau. Its like a family reunion. Its beautiful.

Secondly, new jams: Weve finished recording the demo of a new - and currently untitled song. In the next couple months we will be busting our balls writing and recording more demos. If all goes well were hoping to be back in the studio, recording a new record by January. Who knowsthis thing could be out by June 2007. In semi-related news theres been some talk of possibly re-recording the first thing we ever released, the You Are My Canvas ep. If it goes down, we plan on releasing it on iTunes along with two brand new songs some time close to x-mas.
Finally, heres whats up with upcoming live performances: Were playing Wakestock on Friday, August 11th. We go on at 6:30pm on the main stage. Click HERE for all your Wakestock needs. From October 2nd to the 7th well be hitting the East Coast of Canada with our friends in Moneen and The Junction. The dates are posted here on our website and at This November were going to be doing a headlining run in the UK. Get your tickets ASAP and tell everyone you know to come out. All the shows will be in small clubs, well within spitting and cigarette throwing distance. Also, this December, were planning a potential Australian headlining run. Keep checking back here for more details on that.

So, thats about it. You can now count yourselves among the knowledgeable. Go suck myself."