BRAIN DRILL - vollenden Arbeiten an neuem Album ‘Quantum Catastrophe'!


BRAIN DRILL haben die Arbeiten am Nachfolger ihres 2008er "Apocalyptic Feasting" fertiggestellt!

Gitarrist Dylan Ruskin erörtert den musikalischen Fortschritt: “The album was definitely a huge accomplishment in the chronicling of the drill. The musical dynamics and skill level of everyone in the band have improved much more than the previous album. The songs are more technical and musically diverse but are also well balanced and catchy, including several bass breaks by Ivan Munguia and two songs written and recorded on guitar by him, entitled Awaiting Eminent Destruction and Mercy To None. Stay tuned for more.”

Sänger Steve Rathjen erklärt das Konzept hinter Quantum Catastrophe; “Universal decimation (black holes, galactic cosmic radiation), pandemic disease and zombie re-awakenings - mankind is entering an age of mass speculation as foreseen by numerous ancient cultures. Space to all humanity still primarily remains a mystery even in our days of immense technological advancements. We know this void is filled with infinite extremities which could occur at any instant; easily decimating all habitations. We also know our planet has fulfilled these mass extinctions time and again centuries in the past. The question which remains, are we due for another apocalyptic transition?”