BRAND NEW reden über neues Album


Hier das Update der Band:

"We have all been in the studio on and off since about March. The convenience of recording around the corner has been great, but sometimes a little too comfortable setting.

During 2008, we have rounded up some some pre-pro, some real-pro,and some semi-pro material. There are about 15 songs for us to play around with and it seems as though things are winding down and in the final stages. We cannot exactly tell you when this record will be done, but we can tell you that the new year will bring a bit more excitement from our side of things.

Perhaps when it gets a bit warmer out…we will begin to introduce a new website that will bring you endless amounts of entertaining information. We have also talked about playing some new music together. We are alive and well. Still writing, recording, and frustrated with the lack of blood in mortal kombat vs. dc. "

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von damehle 25.12.2008 10:45

scheiße, wie ich mich auf was neues von denen freue!! einfach die weltbeste band!!

von xfrittex 25.12.2008 17:15


von Horsti 27.12.2008 14:44

Das letzte Album war echt saugut. Bin gespannt...