BREAK EVEN: 2005-2012


Nach der Absage der Tour mit MORE THAN LIFE kommt jetzt die Auflösung...

It is with sadness that we announce BREAK EVEN have decided to part ways.
Over time the commitments in our lives other than the band after all the writing and touring over the last few yeas we have to come to the end of the road.

Soundwave Festival will be our last tour but we will be announcing a few last shows very soon

We have made so many friends and seen so many places through our music and couldn't be happier at what we have seen and done.
Thanks to anyone that has come to a show, let us stay at their house, put us on a show, released our music or just supported us in anyway possible.

We are forever grateful


Break Even 2005 - 2012

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von itze meh 23.02.2012 11:58

are you fucking kidding me?

von .. 23.02.2012 11:59

hatten die nich noch ne platte in planung?

von Mindfake 23.02.2012 11:59

Eine Schande!

von chreys 23.02.2012 12:09


von fuawk 23.02.2012 12:49


von : ( 23.02.2012 13:05

ein album im stil von dem letztn song den sie rausgebracht habn wär schon noch fein gewesen

von ich... 24.02.2012 00:18

...bin traurig : (