BREED77 - komplettes Equipment gestohlen


Schwer gebeutelt wurden Breed 77 in der vorletzten Woche. Vor ihrem Gig in London wurde der Band das gesamtes Equipment im Wert von 50.000 Pfund gestohlen. Um das Konzert trotzdem spielen zu können, mussten sie sich Instrumente usw. von den Vorbands leihen und teilweise auch gleich neu kaufen.

Hier ein Statement der Band dazu:

This has been a bad week for your friends in Breed77, on Saturday morning after arriving back late from a gig in Plymouth our van was broken into and ALL of our equipment was stolen. We're talking of a lifetime's accumulation of irreplaceable instruments,amplifiers and gear. To say we are devastated is a massive understatement... it is a dark time in the
breed camp. Never the less we proceeded last night to play the London Scala concert with borrowed/rented equipment and hopefully we put on the show our fans deserved. At the same time it was an act of defiance for us - not allowing the scum who perpetrated this act to destroy our spirits.We want to thank everyone who attended that show for their patience and support, also all the bands who have offered the use of their gear without hesitation - we are humbled by your generosity. Just when we thought we had reached our lowest point and it couldn't get any worse, this afternoon while loading into the Hove Town Hall for our appearance at the Mammouth Fest, Oscar, our drummer had an accident unloading the van and broke his right foot ( the kickdrum pedal one! ) Obviously he could not play his drums which has forced us to reluctantly cancel our appearance at the festival today as well as tomorrow's planned show at the Birmingham Academy.
Words don't even get close to explaining what we're feeling right now - we can only extend our most heart-felt apologies coupled with the firmest of promises to re-schedule the shows as soon as we possibly can - Brighton we know it is the second time we've cancelled in a year, we owe you and will plan something special for you.
This is never the kind of message you want to write - all I have to say is that we are bruised but not beaten, we vow to return stronger and better and we sincerely hope you can understand our situation and continue to keep the dream alive.

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