BRUTAL TRUTH - "Time To Grind" European Summer Tour 2008


New York Citys Grindcoreler BRUTAL TRUTH befinden sich auf dem Weg zu ihrer "Time To Grind Tour 2008". Hier die Dates:

27.06. Augsburg – Kantine (Germany)
28.06. Wroclaw – Firlej Club (Poland)
29.06. Prague – Exit Chemelnice (Czech Republic)
30.06. Bratislava – Randal (Slovenia)
01.07. Wien – Escape Metalcorner (Austria)
02.07. Weinheim – Café Central (Germany)
03.07. Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz (Germany)
04.07. Roitzschjora – With Full Force (Germany)
05.07. Wehrmelskirchen – Ajz Bahndam (Germany)
06.07. Hengelo – Metropool (Netherlands)
26.08. Moscow – t.b.a. (Russia)
27.08. Rostov – t.b.a (Russia)
28.08. Krasnodar – t.b.a. (Russia)
29.08. Bergen – Hole in the Sky (Norway)
30.08. Magdeburg – Blow Up (Germany)
05.09. Pinarella di Cervia (Ra) – Rockplanet (Italy)
06.09. Roma – Ralalockness (Italy)
07.09. Cremona – CS Dordoni (Italy)

Sez Lilker: "Brutal Truth is totally psyched to play for the grindfreaks in Eastern Europe! We'll be hitting Serbia (at Castlefest) and Slovakia for the very first time so we'll be sure to fire up and give these people the most intense show of their lives! We also can't wait to play the With Full Force Festival over in Germany, where we'll be going onstage extremely late, so don't drink too fast, stay awake for the nocturnal grind attack!!"

Sez Hoak: "we'll be including many new songs in the set for our shows this summer. the new bt songs will freak people out: louder, faster, heavier and mosh pit tested!!!!"