BURST - Nehmen neues Album auf


BURST sind seit der letzten Woche im Studio, um ein neues Album aufzunehmen. Das neue Werk soll Ende des Jahres über Relapse Records in den Läden stehen. Die Band dazu:

"Since we've been getting emails from people asking if we are broken up, we figured it's time we started updating our various web sources. Sorry for the negligence - we have good reasons though. The last year has been total and complete focus on writing a new record, and last week we finally entered Studio Bohussound to start recording it. So, in the coming weeks, expect regular written updates, and in time also some form of video documentation and pictures of the recording process."

Alte Kommentare

von man... 02.04.2008 10:46

...gute NEWS!

von afa 02.04.2008 12:58

super sache :)

von ballou 02.04.2008 15:11

Jo geile Band. Vertrackt aber mitreißend.