BURY YOUR DEAD - Im Mai erscheint das neue Album


BURY YOUR DEAD werden ihr neues Album "It's Nothing Personal" am 26. Mai via Victory Records veröffentlichen.

Gitarrist Brendan "Slim" MacDonald sagt dazu:"I say it every time we go into the studio: 'This is the best thing ever that we have ever written ever and it's meaningful because and ever and stuff,' but let's be honest — [2008] for us hasn't been anything short of a shitty coin toss. Between the awesome tours and heading overseas twice, there were a fair amount of remedial bullshit to have to get over, and I promise you will hear about most of it somehow or another on the record.

"This record has it all. You will be able to circle pit in your bedroom and make out with your girlfriend/boyfriend to it! Best of both worlds, I know. I mean, if you're into that kind of thing, then you'll like it, I guess."