BURY YOUR DEAD - Neuer Sänger wieder draußen


BURY YOUR DEAD Sänger Michael Crafter (ex-I Killed the Prom Queen), der erst im März den ausgeschiedenen Mat Bruso ersetzte hat anscheinend die Band bereits wieder verlassen. Hier sein Statement:

"Since I got to the USA I knew I had a lot of weight on my shoulders. I wanted to prove myself so much and be a good frontman for BYD. It’s been 2 months since I got to the USA and all I have wanted is to be home with my friends and this stops me from giving my all. I met a lot of great people here. My time with the band was short and was a lot of fun and a great experience. Eric, Bubble, Slim and Mark became my new mates and I'll forever be grateful I was given this chance. This tour has opened my eyes up to a lot of things and being in a band in another country isn’t what I want to do. From practicing and playing shows with BYD will always be a great memory and something I’m glad I gave a shot. But my home is Australia and home is where the heart is. Thanks again."

Als nächstes wird sich Myke Terry von CASSIUS in der Rolle versuchen.

Alte Kommentare

von MUnkvayne 11.05.2007 09:49

wasn da schon wieder los ey?

von freddy 11.05.2007 10:16

wenn das nciht bald nach auflösung schreit...

von Lukas 11.05.2007 18:44

schade schade alles mit bury your dead.. :(

von Manuel 11.05.2007 20:22

Stellt sich die Frage ob die überhaupt beim Pressure spielen werden.