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BY A THREAD haben folgende News bezüglich eines neuen Albums online gestellt:

"Sorry guys I have been very lax with the whole myspace thing lately and haven't been here to update you on what's happening.

Over the xmas break, we have finally put together the artwork for the new album. Art is Finished! CD is mastered and right now Revelation has the disk in their hands and they are planning on releasing the album ASAP!

The album is Self Titled. Digital downloads will be available everywhere on the web. You will be able to buy the tracks here on our myspace directly from the band. CDs and 12" limited color vinyl will also be available through Revelation Records and hopefully at a record store near you.

It has been so long... I can't believe how much interest there still is for this album to finally be released. We love all of you for sticking around and being so loyal to us and our music.

I am hoping there will be some shows to come out of this. We'll see!

All the best to you.


Alte Kommentare

von Alex G. 08.02.2010 08:41

Das ich das noch erleben darf!

von Lifelover 08.02.2010 10:48

"the last of the daydreams" ist eine der besten platten (auf revelation), die die meisten wahrscheinlich nie gehört haben. bin gespannt.

von Alex G. 08.02.2010 11:07

Ganz deiner Meinung. Hörs immer noch sehr gerne!

von keshi 08.02.2010 11:30

der Wahnsinn! Ich dreh ab

von hosch 08.02.2010 12:41

sehr geil. Freu mich

von kai 08.02.2010 18:32

besten news seit langem. vinyl/cd ist pflichtkauf des jahres!

von a. 08.02.2010 21:00

die Helden meiner Jugend. ich bin sprachlos.