Brendan Canty (FUGAZI) - Reunion für kein Geld der Welt


Hier ein interessantes Statement des ehemaligen Fugazi-Drummers Brendan Canty bezüglich der aktuellen Situation von FUGAZI, dass recht ernüchternd ausfällt:

"The way Fugazi is meant to function is running at full speed. When it became half, we dealt with it. At a quarter, when we had to stay home most of the time, suddenly it stopped feeling like Fugazi. Instead of waiting around years to do Fugazi, we said, 'Let's run in our separate directions and we'll revisit it when it comes time. [But] the compass isn't pointing in that direction. If it pointed us together and something made sense, sure. I love those guys. They're my brothers. I could see plugging back in and doing it. We didn't end fighting and we wouldn't start again fighting. We've turned down a lot of money in the past to do things we weren't comfortable with. Fugazi would get together to play Maxwell's [in Hoboken, N.J.]. We wouldn't get together to play Coachella. No amount of money would get us out of our houses."