Auch Caliban melden sich nochmal in diesem JAhr und sprechen über Kommendes:

"Sorry for the late update!! At the moment we are working really hard on our new album. We are going to record in january and hope to release it before summer! The album will be a little bit different than the last 2 records. its gonna be a mix of old stuff like "shadow hearts", "vent," and "the undying darkness." yet, faster with some new influences. We will still have clean vocals, but less than on the last 2 albums. We will be using 7 string guitars this time, The deeper tuning fits better to the songs. you can be sure, its gonna be heavy!!! Dont worry, fans of "the undying darkness" will for sure like it, but also fans of shadow hearts and older stuff!! We are really exited how the new songs are coming along. Benny richter and marc are producing and adam d (KSE) will mix it this time.

A new tour is confirmed!! the "darkness over europe" 2007!! It will be kind of a pre tour to the upcoming album. which will be released almost right after the tour. the other bands are BLEEDING THROUGH, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN and ALL SHALL PERISH + local bands sometimes.

We are gonna headline mainland europe and BLEEDING THROUGH will headline the UK dates. check the dates at the shows section. we will also hit some towns and countrys we didnt play last time!!

In a couple days we will leave for a short x mas run with HEAVEN SHALL BURN, NEAERA and DEADLOCK and more... finally we tour together with our friends in HSB, we´ve been trying for years now!!! Expect a small surprise;-) We decided with our buddys in HSB to rotate the headline position.... We will also play already 1 brand new song!!

stay tuned for more album updates!"