CALIBAN geben Albumtitel bekannt


CALIBAN haben sich zum Titel ihres neuen Albums geäußert. Hier der Blogeintrag:

"There is alot going on at the moment,

we just finished writing the new album last sunday, which will be entitled "Say Hello To Tragedy" and in our view it turned out totally amazing! With the new songs we are taking things to the next level, from "The Awakening" just in a more extreme way! We now mixed even more old stuff with new elements!
If you thought "The Awakening" was heavier than the other albums we released before, then wait until you hear the new one! The mood of the album will generally be a bit "darker", and more somber as the album title might let you suggest.
Some of the songs will probably hit you like a rock, haha!
Also the vocals changed a little bit again, especially the clean vox, we will still have them, but in a different way. they're going more together with the screaming and won't be that seperated most of the time, which makes everything way more interesting!

This time we worked really long and hard to get the 12 new tracks together, we never "trashed" so many songs, parts and ideas as we did for this album, not because they were bad. We just thought we can do better, that was only possible because we had much more time on our hands compared to the previous albums. This way we could pick the best 12 songs out of like 20 or something.
we just cant wait for everybody of you guys to hear the new tracks!! and hope you like them as much as we do!!

Patrick just started tracking drums today! Next week the guitars will follow!

Read our STUDIO DIARY for more information and some pictures, videos and maybe some snippets...

Some of you may notice that this blog was (or is still is) our official tourblog. We will return to post some tourstuff when the CHAOS OVER EUROPE TOUR 2009 begins.

Alte Kommentare

von Otzelott 15.12.2008 09:22

Cali WHO.....?

von Hurensohn 15.12.2008 09:27

mhm.. naja, freu mich schon noch drauf

von Bumsgeburt 15.12.2008 12:52

wie ist nun der albumtitel? zuviel text

von autsch 15.12.2008 13:09

wenigstens den ersten satz hättest du lesen können^^...

von Ozelot 15.12.2008 13:46

Bin echt mal gespannt auf das Album. The Awakening fand ich an amnchen stellen echt ne spur zu überproduziert. Mal abwarten

von Horsti 15.12.2008 22:27

Say Hello To 0815 Metalcore.

von Hurensohn 16.12.2008 00:33

@Horsti: ????????

von renö 13.03.2009 11:04

icke freu mich....abgesehen vond er undying darkness haben die immer gute platten rausgebracht