CANNIBAL CORPSE - Enthüllen Details


Das Cover des neuen CANNIBAL CORPSE Albums "Evisceration Plague" (VÖ-Termin 3. Februar 2009) stammt wieder von Vince Locke. Alex Webster sagt dazu “For Evisceration Plague we enlisted legendary gore/horror artist Vincent Locke, who has done artwork for all of our releases. He did two pieces for us this time, a dark and foreboding cover piece, and a violent and gory piece for the interior of the CD packaging. Vince has shown once again that he is a master of capturing a macabre and eerie vibe with his artwork.”

Hier noch die Tracklist:
1. Priests of Sodom
2. Scalding Hail
3. To Decompose
4. A Cauldron of Hate
5. Beheading and Burning
6. Evidence in the Furnace
7. Carnivorous Swarm
8. Evisceration Plague
9. Shatter Their Bones
10. Carrion Sculpted Entity
11. Unnatural
12. Skewered From Ear to Eye

Alte Kommentare

von Pat 14.12.2008 20:31

coole Band, beschissenes Cover

von Horsti 14.12.2008 20:46

Beschissene Band, beschissenes Cover.

von ata5 14.12.2008 20:49

göttliche band, cover ist doch scheiss egal.

von mo 14.12.2008 23:44

die guten cover von denen werden ja alle verboten x)

von Clement / Allschools 15.12.2008 08:37

das Innendesign soll um einiges brutaler ausfallen

von Tobe 16.12.2008 13:05

dann ab damit an die front... oder bekommt ihr deutschen dieses cover und die anderen das bessere ;-) ?