CANNIBAL CORPSE erhalten Platinauszeichnung für “Centuries Of Torment” DVD in Kanada


Am Dienstag, den 21. April haben CANNIBAL CORPSE ihre Platinauszeichnungen für ‘Centuries of Torment’ in Montreal, Kanada erhalten. Die DVD hatte bereits Anfang des Jahres Platin in Kanada eingespielt, noch vor Veröffentlichung des aktuellen Albums 'Evisceration Plague'.

Bassist Alex Webster kommentiert dies und die abgeschlossene Kanada-Tour wie folgt: “Our recent Canadian tour was a total success, every show was packed and the crowds were full of energy. We really received a great response, which is something we've come to expect from our Canadian fans. We want to thank all of our Canadian fans for coming out to the gigs and making the tour so killer, and also for making Centuries of Torment and Evisceration Plague two of the most successful releases in our band's history.”