CATARACT canceln Flamefest in Italien


Hier das Statement:

"Dear all, we had to cancel our show at italy's biggest event for metal/hardcore music, the Flame Fest in bologna. our apologies go out to the promoters who got us on the bill in the last minute and of course to all the people who were there expecting us. here's why we couldn't make it:

Number one: Our Van broke down on the way back from our show in Quedlinburg on saturday, a hose of the charging system bursted - I hope I'm translating this right. We got help from the road rescue who could fix it but told us to look for the nearest service station to get the hose replaced. We agreed with the rental company to return the van in zürich.

Number two: the rental offered us a replacement van for monday morning, but they couldn't tell us what time. so we had to cancel our plans of driving to milano, spending the night there and travelling the second half on monday. As we finally got an availability time for the new van (1000hrs monday morning), we also faced a serious time problem: there was no chance we could drive to bologna in 4 hours, especially as the main route through St. Gotthard tunnel is currently closed. So we decided to call it off. Again, we're very sorry about this whole hassle; we tried to inform the promoters but we couldn't reach anyone with the numbers we had. We will return.

On a different note, our shows in Bischofswerda and Quedlinburg were killer and definately worth the 12 hours it took us to get there! cheers to all the bands we've played with (especially detrimental threat for lending us the drumkit) and of course the whole crew at Eastclub and Reichenstrasse. Last but not least, all of the maniacs for showing up, supporting the metal and hardcore underground... especially the 350 madmen and women in Quedlinburg - another night to remember! also thanks to the guy explaining us how to make "hackepeter" out of a pig, hahaha!"