CATARACT line-up change und Pause


CATARACT trennen sich von Gitarrist Simon. Hier das Statement:

“Dear Cataractians, we have some rather big news for you all. We've had several discussions between different members about our future concerning music, shape, form and structure of Cataract and of course the year lying ahead. And, after a final meeting this Friday, we agreed to disagree - our founding member Simon decided to part ways with Cataract to pursue his own projects, which you will run across sooner or later. We had nine incredible years and all of us will remember the times we had. We are parting in peace as we all agreed that this is the best way for both sides.”

Simon says the following to his departure: "Sometimes you come to a cross road in life where there is only one way to go. I choose the path of facing a new personal and musical challenge. I have been part of this band as a founding member for nearly 8 1/2 years. I am thankful for the great experiences I have made and for all the old friends, new friends, promoters, journalists and tons more - you know who you are - I met over the years through the band. I want to thank all bandmembers - previous and past - that shared a vision. I wish Cataract all the best."

“We have decided to take a break until we worked out all the band bizness and we'll use the time to evaluate Simon's successor. Unfortunately we had to cancel the show in Aarau but we will make up for it as soon as we're a five piece again. All other shows (we will add them soon) are still hot and will happen. If you have any questions, contact us. Of course we're looking for a new guitarist now, we will make another posting with our ideas and requirements in short time. If you already think you have got "it" then contact us at

Simon, all the best on your way, we all know you will make it!”

Cataract 2007

Alte Kommentare

von FKK 15.01.2007 18:36

Das wars dann wohl....war schön mit euch! Vor allem \"With Triumph comes loss\" war für mich der Hammer!!

von Plödi 15.01.2007 21:43

Alles gute an Simon... super netter Kerl. Bin mal gespannt wies jetzt mit Cataract weiter geht.