CATARACT wieder zu fünft


Cataract sind nun wieder komplett. Die Lücke, die Simon hinterlassen hat, wurde kürzlich von Tom Kuzmic (Disparaged)geschlossen. Aufgrund der Tatsache, dass die Band wieder probt, werden wohl auch keine Shows abgesagt. Hier das Statement des neu formierten Fünfers:

Yes it's true, we are back to a five piece! And we're glad we can stop the guessing and rumouring by officially welcoming Tom Kuzmic whom you might know from death metal monsters Disparaged to the mighty realm of Castle Cataract!

We also thank all the people who wanted to ruin their lives by joining us on our trip to hell or volunteered to jump in case we couldn't find someone - you guys fucking rock! We are confident this is the best that could have happened as Tom has more than 100% of what we were looking for!

We already started rehearsing with the new line up and things are looking great for the shows we wisely didn't cancel haha! So once again to end all discussion - we will play shows, starting March 31st! We will keep you posted on the progression.