Die Aachener CHEAP THRILLS geben hiermit ihre Auflösung bekannt:

"Cheap Thrills is done for. After almost five years we decided to not continue Cheap Thrills any longer. There was no longer enough energy in the band to keep it alive and we surely wouldn't want to force it if need be. We'd rather stop at this high point, than to slowly let this thing die. In our opinion we are at a point where we have reached everyone we liked and were ignored by everyone who we couldn't care less about.
The last few years have been the best of our lives and we thank all of you for your support, especially our friends and all the people who took us in. You know who you are. There will be a last show, but all other dates have been canceled.
This is it for us - game over. Hardcore lives!

Alte Kommentare

von rumpel 28.08.2009 00:31

was fürn mieses englisch. mein güte. ware ndie texte genau so?

von @Rumpel 28.08.2009 07:55

Bollos, was willste erwarten? Hoffentlich lösen sich die Fallbrawl Deppen auch gleich mit auf.

von :D 28.08.2009 11:05

google translator ftw!

von David 28.08.2009 18:37

aber den teil versteht ihr pfosten doch wohl? ...and were ignored by everyone who we couldn't care less about. gute Band. Schade drum.

von Jochen 28.08.2009 21:28

Wenn´s Ihnen egal gewesen wäre, hätten Sie garnicht erst mit Mucke anfangen sollen,plain simple. N´paar Bollos weniger, wen juckts?

von yeah! 23.10.2009 13:55


von odb 23.10.2009 14:06

ich muss gerade so laut lachen,ist das peinlich