CHIMAIRA reden über neues Album / METALLICA Cover online


Folgendes Statement gaben CHIMAIRA auf ihrer Myspace Seite ab:

"We just got back from Sounds of the Underground Europe. We had a blast with all the bands. The tour was filled with games of 'Mafia' and bread knobs. Andols managed to devour 21 meals at McDonald's within our 16 days in Europe. Impressive.

"We are about to start the writing process for the new album. We have about
14 songs worth of ideas that were written back in January/February. We
hope to hit the studio this fall and have the album out early in 2007.
That's if everything goes as planned. As we all know that doesn't
happen often. So don't mark my words. I couldn't tell you what this
album will sound like either. My guess is a mix between protein powder
and THC. We still haven't signed with a new label. Any rumors
you've heard aren't true unless you see it on our MySpace or our
website. Regardless, things are looking good..."

Das CHIMAIRA Cover von METALLICAs "Disposable Heroes" findet ihr hier.