CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING streamt derzeit sein komplettes Debütalbum “Labor Against Waste”, welches am Freitag via Anti-Records erscheint. Ausserdem kommt der Songwriter ab Ende Juni auf Tour:

26.06.2015: Duisburg - Grammatikoff

28.06.2015: Witten - Knuts
29.06.2015: Köln - Stereo Wonderland
30.06.2015: Essen - Banditen Wie Wir
01.07.2015: Leipzig - Wärmehalle Süd
04.07.2015: Berlin - Prachtwerk
05.07.2015: München - Backstage
Der in Florida geborene Musiker:
“It takes a lot of work to stay on the road. You learn to rely on your songs as a sort of resting place amidst all of the unfamiliarity. You fill your head full of places, and sounds, and ideas — and it all comes spilling out. When the things around you change constantly, you change too. And the things that stay the same become who you are. It’s nurtured my songwriting, knowing that the inspiration is all around you. If you aren’t seeing it, then look harder, and if you still don't see it, then turn the corner, and if you still don't see it then look at things differently, because it's right there in front of you.”