CHUCK RAGAN: Gibt Details zu neuem Album bekannt


In seinem offiziellen Myspace-Blog schrieb Chuck Ragen vergangene Nacht folgendes:

"Hello everyone!

Thanks for your time for checking this out. It's 6a.m., been up since 4, flying to Brisbane, Australia in less than 10 hours to meet up with Tom and Heather Gabel for a short run down under. After that I'll be meeting up with the Lucero boys and Jon Gaunt for some shows with them as well as my own. All is well on the Ragan front around here. We've been running hard as usual and doing our best to keep afloat. I just finished up a new record that'll be out on Side One Dummy soon. This summer to be exact. We're still thinking about a few different release dates then so those will follow shortly. I'm extremely fired up to say the least. These last sessions have been some of the most enjoyably intense sessions that I've ever had in my life. I had the honor this time around of bringing in Jon Gaunt on the fiddle, Digger Barnes on bass, George Rebelo from HWM on drums and percussion, Todd Beene of Glossary on the Pedal Steel, a wonderful bunch of talented local friends like Paige, Daisy, Amy and Ethan from The Anderson Family singing and playing, Luke Janela on the cello, our neighbor Jayme Hardy singing and my good buddy Austin Lucas and his pipes. I did all of these recordings at a wonderful place in the foothill woods of gold country called Flying Whale Studios with Bruce Wheelock. I really look forward to getting this music out there soon to everyone! In the meantime we'll be out and about here and there so check the sites for tour dates. Hope to see you out! We're also in the process of putting together this years Revival Tour which is really going to be something else. We'll keep everyone posted as soon as we settle a bit after these trips. Forward on and be well doing so!

Thanks for everything!

The Ragans"

Alte Kommentare

von odb 05.05.2009 13:26

freue ich mich sehr drauf.wird ein guter sommer

von Fab 05.05.2009 13:33

wird bestimmt gut

von Raphael 05.05.2009 14:05

ist ja alles schön und gut, langsam könnte aber mal eine hwm tour angekündigt werden.