CHUCK RAGAN hat folgedes bezüglich aktueller Kooperationen zu sagen:

"I’ve just completed a new record with some great friends. After the west coast run, Jon Gaunt and I teamed up with Austin Lucas, his father Bob Lucas, and Bass fiddle man Digger Barnes. Together we hit it off from the start and comprised a solid record of 12 numbers.

This record is considered a split collaboration between all of us involved. The songs consist of 3 Chuck Ragan originals, 3 Austin Lucas originals, 3 Ragan/Lucas originals, 1 original by Bob Lucas, and 2 old time standards called Darling Corey and Distant Land To Roam. The entire record has a very strong sense of bluegrass, folk and old time gospel with a certain feel of exactly where we were and what was going on when we layed it down.

My wife Jill and I have decided to take a leap of faith and release this record ourselves. It’s most definitely something intimidating for us but very exciting as well. Since we’ve been looking forward to doing this for quite some time we’ll be doing everything in our power to get this record distributed properly and in your hands soon."

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von Dave 07.12.2007 09:27

Er kann's einfach nicht lassen...
Freu mich drauf!!!