COBRA STARSHIP (ex-MIDTOWN) unterschreiben bei Decaydance


COBRA STARSHIP, die neue Band vom ehemaligen MIDTOWN Frontmann Gabe Saporta sowie Maja Ivarssen von THE SOUNDS, William Beckett von THE ACADEMY IS... und Travis McCoy von den GYM CLASS HEROES haben bei Pete Wentzs Decaydance Label unterschrieben.

Gabe hatte folgendes zum Signing zu sagen:

"1, 2, 3, 4, who's punk what's the score.

I'm so punk rock that I walked away from a half-million dollar deal at a major label to sign for no money to Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen. And when I say a half-million dollars, I don't mean, a half-mil all-in including video budget, tour support, promotion, etc. I mean a half-mil besides all that--a half-million in cash.

And when I say no money, I mean, pay for the recording and that's it. Nada. Can you imagine turning your back on all that money? I didn't even look at the FBR contract, I just signed on the dotted line and drew a peace sign. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but like the Wolf says: in this business, success only come with control. This year Decaydance is takin' over."

Einige Songs kann man sich bereits auf der Myspace Seite der Band anhören.