COBRA STARSHIP ändern Albumtitel


COBRA STARSHIP haben den Albumtitel ihres neuen Albums von "IF THE WORLD IS ENDING, WE ARE THROWING THE PARTY" in "Viva La Cobra" umbenannt.

Hier das Statement von Gabe:

"We all LOVED the title If the World Is Ending, We’re Throwing the Party (it’s actually a line from what I think will be the first song we put out). But everyone was having a hard time remembering it (they were like, “what is it again? If the world is gonna end , then we’re gonn….?? etc. )

And we were on tour in Europe with like 3 days left to decide on a title. We had an overnight flight from Singapore with Gym Class and The Academy where we didn’t sleep and were deliriously coming up with a whole bunch of titles (some of the top runners: Shred Savage, Cobra Lingus, Sass Attack, Holiday in Cambrodia, Bromeo and Juliet, you get the idea..)

Then we get to Paris for Decaydance Fest and me Pete, and Patrick are backstage struggling and brain-storming to try to find something that can work. And in pops Travis distracting everyone and talking a million miles a minute about some shit about Lil Wayne rapping with GCH and putting in “Viva La White Girl” at the front of “Clothes Off.” And I was like, “oh shit! How about Viva La Cobra!?” Travis gave me this “come-on-are-you-serious?” look. But everyone loved it. And since we’re like family, he had to let me do it so it’s all good. But Travis said I gotta pay him 75 bucks."