COFFEE PROJECT - geben Auflösung bekannt


Das COFFEE PROJECT wird auf dem diesjährigen FEST 11 in Gainesville ihr letztes Konzert spielen.

Mit "Leftovers" erscheint am 23. Oktober noch ein Farewell-Compilation-Album via Paper And Plastick.

Unten gibt es bereits einen neuen Track daraus zu hören.

Im Statement heißt es:

“Just like all of our previous records, Leftovers was recorded at Buddy’s home studio. Buddy is the engineer, we are the producers, and Stephen Egerton (yes, the guitarist from my favorite punk band) mastered the songs. With no pressure of deadlines, we had a rad time recording these songs. We would just hook up after I got off of work, or when Buddy was home from Less Than Jake tours. We brought in the wonderful Kim Helm (Whiskey & Co.) to sing on some songs. She is a huge part of Coffee Project. The Greenland Is Melting guys came in and played on a song. Jon Gaunt played the fiddle on a tune. Lindsey Mills (local Gainesville amazing folk singer) sang on a song as well. We have been lucky enough to have people come and give their time to play on our records. All rad people.

As far as Coffee Project coming to an end, that’s a tough one to swallow. Everything that Coffee Project did just sort of ‘happened’ organically. I never thought we would have made two full-lengths and a few EPs. They all just ‘happened.’ I was thinking about this the other day, as far as the fact that I have put my life out there as much as I have. Its bizarre. At times it weirds me out, but I’m glad we did everything we did. Our show at this years FEST in Gainesville is going to be the last Coffee Project show. I think its good to have some closure on things. On the same token, if down the road we have an opportunity to play again, I’d love to.”