COLD WORLD signt bei Deathwish Records


Deathwish Records haben COLD WORLD unter Vertrag genommen. Das Label hat folgendes zu sagen:

"Wilkes Barre PA's COLD WORLD garnered world wide praise with their now classic "Iced Grillz" release on Lockin' Out in 2005. COLD WORLD have toured both in the U.S. and Europe, bringing their brand of urban influenced metallic hardcore (think early Life Of Agony and Madball with an early Hip Hop/soul addiction) to everyone within earshot. In the last year, COLD WORLD have evolved and progressed into an unstoppable and unique force, refining their brooding eclectic sound into a new kind of infectious monster."

Anfang des nächsten Jahres wird die Band ins Studio gehen um ihr Deathwish Debüt aufzunehmen.