COMMON ENEMY - Neuer Sänger


COMMON ENEMY haben schon wieder ihren Sänger ausgetauscht. hier das Statement:

"Yet again, another singer..... hahaha

OK, aaaaagggghhhhhh...... im going to try and keep this short......

Yeah thats right!
Josh has decided not to move out to PA for personal reasons, family, money (you know the reason we all slave away and can't save a dime cause the government keeps taking it for a war about oil). Ok, enough about that. We wish Josh and his family the best of luck and no hard feelings at all from any of us! Dude keep shreddin'......

Gary Critical will be stepping in to take charge now!

A song has been posted from Gary's tryout session called "Thrash House Party"! Check it out and tell us what you think! Just remember this is a rough song that will be redone when we go into record in January 2008!

shred on
justin enemy

*Yes, for those who have seen us play recently it was Gary that had filled in!*"