COPELAND - Verlassen Columbia Records


Nach einem knappen Jahr bei dem Major Columbia Records, haben COPELAND das Label wieder verlassen. Hier das Statement:

There were recently some pretty significant personnel changes at the label and some key people on our team were let go, including our A&R guy. He was the guy that brought us on board and was also our most important contact and voice there. With him gone, as well as a few other important marketing people being let go, there was really no reason for us to be there anymore. At a big label, it's pretty crucial for a band to have those key team members in place. Otherwise, a smaller band like Copeland can get lost in the shuffle of the Beyonces and John Mayers that we'd be competing with for attention. So after months of red tape, we've been released from our contract and are frankly relieved. We have a lot of freedom right now, which is a great feeling. This freedom has got our heads buzzing with the idea of writing a new record. We're incredibly excited about a few new songs that we've been kicking around. So what's next for us you ask? Well, we're going to start getting this b-sides record together. We're looking to have it out THIS YEAR! (Nov. 27 is the likely date)"