Comeback Kid ohne Sänger


Comeback Kid haben sich von ihrem Sänger Scott getrennt.
Hier ein Statement von ihm:
...To try and squash any rumors going around I figured I'd write one last "bulletin" to give all you a heads up. First off, thank you all so much for adding us as a friend and giving our band a shot. It's so easy to get all big headed when making music, but the bottom line is, you are nothing without a listener. Thank you all for your loyal support. Never for a second did I take this for granted, and I feel like I am so lucky to have been given this opportunity and chance to travel, literally, the world.

Life is full of hard decisions, but only a few of them are as big as this and absolutely life changing. I was faced with one of these decisions. The kind of decision that keeps you up nights, tossing and turning, leaving your stomach in knots. I have decided to leave Comeback Kid. This band has been my life for the past 4 years, and I was a roadie for another band prior to that. I really don't know, or have anything else in my life. Saying I'm not "scared" about my future would be a complete lie. I just got to a point where being on the road for 10 months had become hard, and pushing to be home more became a conflicting agenda. Some would like to see this band go as far as it possibly can, and I was an anchor holding this back. I just wanted to play something honest, make some friends and see the world and I got to do that, and I am forever grateful for my experiences.

I wish the rest of the guys the best of luck in the world. Saying 'Goodbye' the other night was absolutely heartbreaking. These guys are my family, and my life is forever changed, thanks to their talent and friendship.

Thank you to everyone who came out, showed me love, and screamed back words once scribbled out in a bedroom. I am forever indebted to you.

Thank You Always.

Alte Kommentare

von Nine 13.03.2006 14:10

Hmmm ob die dann die Tour mit Raised Fist spielen??? Hoffe mal ansonsten fang ich an zu weinen ;-) Scheisse

von drugfree 13.03.2006 20:05

ist doch scheiße! in herten ist Freitag auch bereits ein anderes konzi mit calico system

von XapfelschorleX 14.03.2006 14:59

damn shit! hab mich super auf die show in herten gefreut... argh hoffe das wird wieder mit der band

von torbs 16.03.2006 18:37

fuck aber auch

von Nine 23.03.2006 14:03

haben wieder nen Sänger... *freu*

von ein wisser 23.03.2006 19:39

Die Tour steht, und CK kommen wie angekündigt, also nich heulen, MOSHEN!

von ich hoffe doch, aber 24.03.2006 14:12

die MERAUDER stand auch schon, die Clubs waren gebucht und dann: Tour abgesagt...

von ein wisser 24.03.2006 15:51

ich habe von CK und vom Label bisher keine Absage.