DARKANE - Albumdetails


DARKANE werden ihr neues Album "Demonic Art" nennen. Dazu Gitarrist Christofer Malmström:

"Here's the sixth video blog. It includes the recording of the bass and some guitar solos. Enjoy! Also, we have now decided to name the album 'Demonic Art' after one of the songs. The lyrics are based on the same theme as on 'Organic Canvas' (from our previous album 'Layers of Lies'), about an individual planning his next exhibition of flesh.

"Here are a few more song titles:

* Variations of an Eye Crush (intro)
* Still in Progress
* Leaving Existence
* Exectution 44
* The Killing of I
* Sole Survivor
* Absolution
* Wrong Grave (instrumental)
* Wrath Connection
* Demigod

"Right now Peter [Wildoer, drums] and Klas [Ideberg, guitar] are mixing the new album. We are also rehearsing and preparing for our trip to Chicago and the Chicago Powerfest in a few weeks. You don't wanna miss that if you live in the area! We are gonna play in direct support to TESTAMENT May 3rd. This will also be Jens' [Broman, vocals] debut on American soil!"