DARKANE - arbeiten an neuem Material


Gitarrist Christofer Malmström von DARKANE hat folgendes Update gepostet:

"DARKANE has had some time off during the summer while Peter Wildoer [drums] has been busy touring with PESTILENCE. We played the Roskilde festival in Denmark and the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic this summer, and they both felt very successful.

"Next up is the Underground thrash festival in Oslo, Norway on October 10th. We are also working on a very cool tour pretty far away from where we live, but it will be official when its 100% confirmed.

"During the summer Peter, Klas [Ideberg, guitar] and I have come with ideas and riffs for the next album, and Jens [Broman, vocals] has written some lyrics. We have now started to gather together and put our ideas into actual songs. We are very eager to start recording the next album, and I think we have come up with some very cool stuff so far."