DARKTHRONE - Titel des neuen Albums steht


Das neue Album der norwegischen Black Metal-Band DARKTHRONE wird "Dark Thrones And Black Flags" heißen. Das ließ der Sänger der Band, Nocturno Culto, durchblicken. Hier seine Ausführungen:

"We have recorded four songs for the next album, 'Dark Thrones And Black Flags'. We sort of tried to keep the title 'hidden,' but my mouth ran over talking to Metal Hammer (damn!!!), so anyways, that's the title, and NO, it's not punkish you bastards, it's METAL TO THE BONE!!! I tell ya, what we allow ourself to do these days.... riff-wise, I mean. IT'S A BLOODY FEAST!!!! The plan is to have the final recordings ready in July at latest. I know, I know, this album comes fast, but not to worry, we'll use just a tad more time on the album after that."