Der amerikanische Songwriter DAVID DONDERO kuendigt seine neue EP "With Love" fuer den 4. November an. Die Platte soll auf 1000 Stueck limitiert sein und erscheint erstmals auf "Total Treble", dem Label von LAURA JANE GRACE (AGAINST ME!). Zur Kollaboration erklaert DONDERO:

“In the autumn of 2012, I was touring through Florida and I happened to run into Laura Jane Grace in St. Augustine. I had a batch of new songs, so she was like, ‘You should come by my new studio tomorrow and check it out! It was a happy accident. I just came in, checked out the studio and she was like, ‘You wanna play a couple songs?’ So I played these songs then had to go onto Orlando, and that was that. We ended up recording all six songs in just about an hour. I think we did them all in one take and then they were shelved when the studio closed after being crushed by a falling tree.”


"With Love" Tracklisting:
01. Take a Left Turn in Boise
02. Boxer’s Fracture
03. Roses and Rain
04. Alcohol
05. This Guitar
06. Samantha’s Got a Bag of Coal