DAY OF THE DEAD - Auflösung


Im April war man noch zuletzt mit den Freunden von FOR THE GLORY auf Europatour und nun lösen sich die Portugiesen DAY OF THE DEAD im Oktober auf.

Das Statement der Band:

"Hello, boys and girls!

Unfortunately, this time around we don't have the best of news.
Day of the Dead has been going strong for the past eight years. It's been an amazing ride and we've lived and seen more than we had ever imagined when we first started practicing in Luis' basement.
Lately, we've been talking about the direction we should take as a band and we've come to the conclusion that there's nothing left we want to do as DOTD.
Our first wish for the band was to release a vinyl seven inch. Looking back on that naïve first wish and seeing what the years brought us, we can do nothing else but be totally grateful for everything we experienced.
So this is it, what we always knew would happen but never really thought about that much: Day of the Dead is breaking up…
It's a sad occasion but also a happy one. It's sad that we won't play together anymore, that we won't play anymore for all the friends we made throughout the world, but we're also happy that we finish on what we feel is a high note. We think our last record is the best we've ever made and it just sums up what DOTD is.
We want to thank the labels, first and foremost, because they supported us immensely and put their money where most people's mouths are. Without these guys, we'd be nothing. Our apologies go out to them for breaking up but also our most heartfelt thanks.
We also want to thank our friends. Again, we'd be nothing without you. Thanks for calling us on our bullshit whenever we made mistakes, thanks for your friendship and support, thanks for booking shows, feeding us and giving us places to sleep. You're hardcore, you keep this going.

We will play one last show in October. There will be more information about that as soon as possible. It will be the last time DOTD will play together. If you want to see us one last time, get your act together and be there. It will be a time to remember.

Soon, every member of DOTD will write their own feelings about this and you'll be able to read about it right here.

To everyone, thank you for making our life much more interesting…

Feelings are bullet-proof, you cannot destroy them…

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von geebee 15.08.2009 01:51

sehr, sehr schade. show mit for the glory in bochum war echt verdammt gut