DEADLOCK - Schreiben neue Songs


DEADLOCK haben damit angefangen, neues Material für ein Album zu schreiben. Anfang August wird die Band in das Studio gehen. Erhätlich ist das neue Album im November via Lifeforce Records. Dazu die Band: "We already started with the songwriting for our new album. You know, that it's pretty hard to write bad songs like we do, so we have to take a break in playing shows and back out of stages for a while, except for a few exclusive festival appearances.

The new album is going to be released in November, the studio is booked for beginning of August and we're having a looooooot of work to do for that new piece of crap.
But be sure, that we're going to keep you updated regularly. So stay tuned for more news from time to time."

Alte Kommentare

von Hurensohn 14.04.2008 19:58

"it's pretty hard to write bad songs like we do" lol

von Ashcore 14.04.2008 20:19

Lecker, nach einem brillianten Wolves bin ich sehr gespannt.

von agsa 14.04.2008 20:51

die vorgänger waren besser..