DEADSOIL haben sich aufgelöst und sagen dazu:

"Good news for some, bad news for the most! Indeed, we decided to call it a day since we didn..t want to handle the neverending line-up changes within the band anymore. We found an awesome replacement for our bassist and singer but after all that done, Jens was forced to leave the band due to the permant lack of time caused by his new job. It was a tough decision for us as you can imagine, but whatsoever... shit happens!

Some of you might have heard the we actually recorded a completey new full length album that is just missing the vocals. We don..t know yet what to do with it. Maybe we will record the vocals some day and release it somewhere or put it online as a myspace release. we will see about that!

We..d like to thank Allen and GoDownBelieving for still believing in us and everyone that supported us in one way or another and a big high-five to everyone who was part of the band sometime.

As always a band split-up results in new or sometimes old bands, nothing different here. Boris and Jogi focused on COPYKILL again, Hartmut is back with his melody-death band SYMBIONTIC and Jens might shift levers to NIGHT IN GALES again.

Nevertheless, Boris, Jogi, Hartmut and Niko are forging plans to create a new band in early 2010, so keep your eyes and ears open for that!

Last but not least we..d like to thank everyone that came out to one or more of our shows, we had a blast over the years and met great people and saw awesome places, shared stages and tour-busses with great bands. Thank you guys!

That..s it... Deadsoil is dead!"

Alte Kommentare

von joe - Allschools 21.10.2009 21:59

Die Woche der Auflösungen. Schade um euch Jungs.

von Shit 22.10.2009 09:41

Schade, schade... Unspoken war und ist ein Knallersong...